Letizia Belluno, I graduated to professional shiatsu workerLetizia belluno at the International School of Shiatsu of Italy Vicenza. I am registered at the Italian Shiatsu Operators of FISIeO ( Italian Shiatsu Federation Operators and Teachers ). I practice Zen Shiatsu Master Masunaga Shizuto , combining modern psychological vision to that of the ancient Zen philosophy.

How is a shiatsu treatment performed:

The treatment takes place in a peaceful environment , while lying on a soft cotton mattress placed on the ground , or a massage bed. One remains comfortably dressed, light clothes , preferably of natural material ( cotton , wool, linen ) . The operator  treats all parts of the body ( back , legs , arms , abdomen , neck , head ) by following the  Meridian Energy paths and areas of the body more " needy and interested " , applying soft but deep  pressures using palms, thumbs and sometimes forearms and elbows.

Pressures , always respectful of the energy status of the receiver , go deep , without slipping on the skin , producing a stimulus which the body of the treated person " responds " recovering the full expression of its Vital resources. A treatment lasts about 50-60 min. 

Shiatsu treatments:

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Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese art of Health , which stimulates and balances the body's energy through pressure on reflex areas of the body and primarily on Meridian Energy , channels in which , according to the Eastern tradition, the Qi flows, the body’s Vital Energy (LIFE). Shiatsu helps combat stress , muscle tension , strengthens the weak areas and regulates the function of internal organs , including the immune system.

Stretching techniques, massage and structural relaxation . Through touch the recipient 's innate mechanism of relaxation and balance is activated, causing a great feeling of wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Ancient Thai Massage:

The ancient Thai massage is a holistic treatment indicated to recover the " vital life force " and restore balance Bio - energy . It is inspired by concepts of Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine also enriched with elements of yoga and stretching.

As with Shiatsu benefits are many: relief from headaches, digestive disorders , fatigue , physical and emotional tensions ; also it helps  increase both muscle and mental flexibility , releases energy blocks and increases the sense of self-consciousness. 

Craniosacral technique:

The CranioSacral Therapy is a holistic technique in which the operator tries to establish contact with the CranioSacral rhythm of the receiver through a light touch on the bones of the skull , sacrum and spine ; once contacted , this rhythm should be stimulated and pandered to the muscles which release tensions and contractures : the result is a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

The  CranioSacral technique revolves around the rhythmic fluctuation of brain -spinal fluid . This transparent liquor permeates the entire central nervous system , keeping in suspension , protecting , feeding and helping to control intracranial pressure . This technique as well as being very effective in relieving stress , is also indicated in the treatment of back pain , whiplash, migraines and postural problems.

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