La Casa dei Lumi is located at the foot of the historic cliff (falesia) of Lumignano, one of the most famous and important climbing centers in Northern Italy. Rock walls surround the town and are divided into various sections (Lumignano Classica, Lumignano Nuova, Minetti, Piramide, Anfiteatro, above the Church, under the hermitage, Brojon Classico and Piardi) all within easy reach. True and proper coral reefs, are a unique habitat of great beauty, not for nothing it is included in the project Life Colli Berici.

To the historic and challenging routes Lumignano Classica, linked to prestigious names such as Renato Casarotto, Heinz Mariacher, Manolo and Martin Scheel, in recent times new areas have joined with more accessible lines, very popular and appreciated.

Download the Falesie's map (graphics processing by Marco Simionato)

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