Cycling and MTB

Lumignano arises, geographically, in a strategic position for multiple cycling tours both on road and dirt tracks.

Well served by a bike path that connects Vicenza - Noventa you can visit the capital berico city with all its monuments of great historical and cultural interest. Thanks to a network of secondary roads with little traffic you can make "pleasure" excursions in the surrounding countryside rich in villas, wineries and farms.

The proximity to the Colli Berici and Euganei allows full tours "on the road" also facing climbs made famous by the Tour of Italy with steep slopes and the possibility to develop highly respected gradients.

As regards to MTB the Colli Berici offer a large range of paths for all needs. Important is the Alta Via dei Berici well charted and mapped. In the area of the Berici there is also a bike park to refine riding techniques.

It is a territory to discover that offers trails for all; always with beautiful views in the background.

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