Trail Of Mount Brosimo

Markers: White and red n. 4

Starting point: Piazza Costozza

Time required: 4 hours

Excursion through nature, art and history. Many villas and gardens around the starting point.

After the Church of St. Sophia, cross under the “Volto”. Following right.

 Via delle Grotte, you can see Casa Cisco, built close to some recesses of old quarries. After the rural church of San Mauro Abate, continue along the rocky path "Trododelle Laste". Always follows the trail, encountering along the way the small chapel of Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Grace) and the Church of St. Rocco. On the left take "Via Vescovana", up to turn left on the street "Finestrale". Coming down along the other side leads to the abyss of the "Tre Oci". Cross the coast of Mount Brojon encountering the prehistoric sites of the Grotta del Brojon and Grottina dei Covoloni del Brojon. Reaching via Brojo descend down the road to continue to Costozza, passing in front of the Villa Godi-Miotto.

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