Trail Of The Scandolaro

Markers: White and Red n. 6

Starting point: Piazza Lumignano

Time required: 3 hours

The route presents some traits in common with the previous location while allowing you to reach closer to several caves and covoli that overlook the town.

After starting in common with trail n. 5, reaching the confluence of two rivers, rise up towards the left, to the remains of the Fontana Fredda. After another path in common with the previous, take a left fork to descend on the Scandolaro basin, where there are natural and artificial caves: Grotta della Sporgenza, la Grotta Federica, La Doppia Cava, il Covolo della Spaccatura and il Covolo degli Orfani, used, like the others, as a refuge during the war.

Upwards on Monte Cucco, to reach the rural complex of Ca'Menarini, inside the caves of Covolo Colasso .. From here you can climb down to Grotto Perini, the quarry from which stone was extracted to be sent down along the Rugolo. Descend along the Brutte Rive, until you reach Contra Borgo.

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